EL-GORDO Christmas Lottery

Spanish Christmas Lottery online

What is the Spanish Christmas Lottery?
With its €2.3 billion prizepool, the Spanish Christmas Lottery is the BIGGEST lottery in the world. This incredible event takes place on 22nd December in Madrid and until recently was only available in Spain. Now you can win all the same prizes - including the "El Gordo" top prize - by playing at Lottoland.

El Gordo, the Spanish Christmas Lottery is the BIGGEST lottery in the world - 77777.pt
  • EL GORDO - Spanish Christmas Lottery - world greatest lottery
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El Gordo 77777.pt
€2.3 billion prizepool and the world's best odds of winning
The chances of winning are fantastic! Over 1800 numbers are picked to win a prize between €1,000 and €4 million, and even if you dont win "El Gordo", there's a massive 1-in-7 chance of winning a prize!
El Gordo 77777.pt
Make it a Christmas you'll never forget
Playing the lottery is a huge Christmas tradition in Spain - it's so popular that nearly every Spanish person buys a ticket. The draw is a major highlight of the Spanish festive season. Everyone comes together to watch it all unfold, looking out for those special numbers that will make it an unforgettable Christmas!
El Gordo 77777.pt
The lottery that brings friends and family together
Typically, the local shop sells the same number from different series, which means it's very common to see an ENTIRE Spanish village celebrating a big win! Many friends and families also pool their funds to buy a full share for the chance to get rich together. Why not do the same and share a ticket with your loved ones?


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Casino French Roulette

Online roulette is one of the favourite games of Portuguese online casino players. Do you trust fate or do you use one of the many strategies for this casino game? When playing roulette you can bet on a number between 1 and 36 and win up to 36 times your stake.

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In this online gaming room, we offer you a variety of online roulette games. Discover, for example, traditional roulette where you can take more or less risk depending on your stake and the strategy you use.

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There's nothing simpler than playing roulette. Simply bet on the number of your choice and play! Keep your fingers crossed that the ball falls in the right place, or in other words, on the number you bet on!

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Discover the different versions of roulette, they're all equally fun!

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Blackjack is a favourite of many casino players. New as well as experienced players like it because the rules are simple and the odds of beating the house are considerably high.

Can you beat the croupier in a game of online blackjack?
Try to beat the croupier's hand with a higher combination of cards, but don't forget you must not exceed 21! In a variation of this famous casino game known as Multihand Blackjack, you can play up to 3 hands simultaneously against the table. This allows you to get winning combinations even faster and will surely raise your adrenaline level! Go all out and beat the croupier!

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